Hotels in Kalamazoo

There are plenty of hotels in Kalamazoo to choose from. Ron and Lupe recently scouted out the area and we’re offering two suggestions:

Radisson – $150 per night (as part of our reserved block)

– Radisson is in downtown K-zoo, and less than 2 blocks from the London Grill, where we’ll be having our rehearsal dinner.

– If you stay at Radisson, mention you would like to be included in the block reserved for the Smith-Levin party.

Clarion – $97 per night

– Is off the highway, so a little closer to Vicksburg, but not close to anything else.

– It’s only a year-old building so facilities are nice.


2 Responses to Hotels in Kalamazoo

  1. bill and wendy dorrance says:

    We will see you on the 3rd. Congratulations!

  2. Anastasia French says:

    We are excited and will be there with bells on….

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